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NuBOOM® Ultra at a Glance

NuBOOM Ultra

The NuBOOM® Ultra Advantage

Installed in just 2 days, the NuBOOM® Ultra can vastly improve your working conditions and provide you with a flexible OR that can be scheduled for a wider range of cases.

Floor placement allows for quick installation without costly and time consuming room remodeling. Cabinet space, shelf space and electrical inputs efficiently house your medical and video equipment keeping cords off the floor to improve safety.

NuBOOM® Ultra has best-in-class, 6-axis positioning of up to six boom monitors within the operating field. More patient information and image presentation capability. Crisp image presentation from up to four sources simultaneously.

NuBOOM® Ultra also comes with DOCS®, CV Medical's proprietary touch screen software. This easy-to-use visualization system is embedded within the NuBOOM's® integrated wireless tablet that can be carried throughout your OR, or mounted in a locking desk-stand.

DOCS®  allows the display of video and other imaging modalities including PACS and other patient data.

Scalability for Your Needs

The NuBOOM® Ultra system is fully customizable and due to our open architecture you can use all of your existing equipment.  This keeps your costs down and allows you to do future upgrades with little to no adjustments in your NuBOOM®.    

CV Medical offers a full line of accessories, including, lights and shields to meet your needs.

Ease of Installation, no Hidden Costs

NuBOOM® is a straightforward way to increase scheduling flexibility in your OR department. NuBOOM® can transform a cysto, GI, or general surgery room into a hybrid MIS suite capable of a full range of procedures. The visualization technology embedded within NuBOOM® supports a wide range of specialties like neuro, ortho, general, vascular, ENT, OB-GYN and GI.    

NuBOOM® installs in just 2 days at a fixed CAPEX cost - no "gotcha change orders" common with traditional demolition, reinforcement and construction projects.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"The installation team was one of the best I have ever worked with on a project this big. We installed three DOC's® systems and two NuBOOM's® in two days. The system is easy to use and the video images are outstanding."     

Steve Stout | OR Director – Poudre Valley Hospital

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