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NuBOOM 'S' at a Glance


The NuBOOM 'S' Advantage

The NuBOOM 'S' is the most affordable system to transform operating rooms in ASC's, office based surgery centers, and hospital procedure rooms.   

Installing in two days or less, the NuBOOM 'S' system can help entrepreneurial surgery enterprises avoid costly renovation downtime.  Because it is "furniture like" instead of a built-in ceiling infrastructure, it can be relocated as space needs change or your leasehold expires.

Scalability for Your Needs

The NuBOOM 'S' comes with a full line of accessories, including, lights, radiation shields, extra shelves, baskets, and canister holders to meet your needs

Ease of Installation, no Hidden Costs

The NuBOOM 'S' has the smallest footprint of our line of products.  It is able to accommodate lower ceiling heights and is pre-wired with 10 electrical receptacles for your existing equipment.  This system also offers ease in de-installation for movement or expansion.  Without the need to remodel your room there are no hidden costs or surprise charges.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"Any Hospital looking to upgrade an existing OR for minimally invasive surgeries should be seriously looking at NuBOOM. There is increasing cost of construction materials and lost revenue due to closure for a period of a few months. With NuBOOM you can literally transform an OR in a weekend. CV Medical has designed a unit where the electrical components are easily field installed. This allows the customer the maximum flexibility in electrical configurations. Another added benefit is NuBOOM can be pre-wired in another location on site without having to compromise infection and dust control protocols; keeping in mind patient safety."     

Dave Dryer | General Foreman – Dynaelectric

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Sometimes, it’s just easier to have things on wheels!  The NuCART® replaces old-fashioned, bulky video towers that have limited reach and is a more cost effective solution than suspending equipment and displays from ceiling booms.

NuBOOM Ultra

NuBOOM Ultra

Installed in just 2 days, the NuBOOM Ultra can vastly improve your working conditions and provide you with a flexible OR that can be scheduled for a wider range of cases.